Magento 1 Database Diagram

Magento is well known for its flexibility. And the cost of the flexibility.. is complexity. Magento database, as well as its codebase, is quite complex, and sometimes makes us overwhelmed when start using it.


Thanks to Anna Völkl effort, you can view the DB diagram for Magento This diagram will give you a better picture of database flow and its table relationship.

You can still use it for any later version in Magento, since the structure is almost the same.

Here is the database diagram (click the image to view Full Size).

How to read:

  • Catalog: upper left (yellow group)
  • Sales: right (blue group)
  • EAV and Core stuff: middle (brown & orange groups)
  • Customer tables:  middle/bottom (green group)
  • The rest (salesrules, logs, reports, newsletter, tags, poll, etc.) : bottom

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